your one-stop service-provider in respiratory medicine              home             clinic             respiratory disorders   services             feature articles   publications         contact us                 bronchoscopic lung volume reduction for the treatment of pulmonary emphysema     the first case of bronchoscopic lung volume reduction for the treatment of pulmonary emphysema (aka copd or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) was preformed recently in singapore. generic viagra fast delivery This was achieved by implanting in the major airways, a novel device known as endobronchial valve (ebv) zephyrtm endobronchial valve system) this procedure has been developed to supplant the need for lung volume reduction surgery (lvrs), a major surgery that is presently performed for patients with severe emphysema, as this form of surgery is associated with significant morbidity and mortality. viagra for sale Recent studies have shown that significant benefits in improvement of symptoms, lung function, exercise capacity and quality-of-life that can be achieved in copd patients undergoing lvrs can now be achieved in a minimally-invasive way without the need for surgery. safer alternative to viagra buy generic viagra united states The  zephyrtm endobronchial valve (ebv) can be implanted in the bronchi (major airways) of the lungs using flexible bronchoscopy (see figures 1 and 2). Maximum dose viagra 24 hours buy viagra overnight delivery Immediately after placement of the ebv, air that was previously trapped in the lungs (aka hyperinflation) is allowed to escape and the degree of hyperinflation is reduced. black keys viagra commercial viagra recommended dosage   figure 1                             figure 2 hyperinflation of the lungs is a major cause of breathlessness and reduced exercise tolerance in patients with copd. generic viagra online buy generic viagra united states With the reduction of trapped air in the lungs, the respiratory muscles can work better and patients can feel less breathless with activity. cheapest viagra online Viagra 100 kullanimi Figure 3 shows the diaphragm (major muscle for breathing) on the left side is depressed in a copd patient with hyperinflation. buy generic viagra united states After implantation of ebv using bronchoscopy in the left upper lung, the diaphragm is now elevated and able to perform its normal function again (figure 4). Viagra 8000mg Figure 3 figure 4       new articles   the second case of endoscopic lung volume reduction was performed in a patient with giant emphysematous bullae of the right middle lobe (figures 1 and 2). The chest x-rays showed that the right middle lobe bullae (figure 3) were markedly smaller in size one day after the placement of an endobronchial valve (figure 4). buy viagra pills online Figure 1 figure 2 figure 3 figure 4   smoking and your lungs (healthtalk) the most prevalent form of tobacco addiction is cigarette smoking and intuitively, the lungs would have to put up with the brunt of harmful effec. costo del viagra 5 mg on line viagra cheap

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